Drop Stop Drip Trays

Large Oil Drop Trays

Large Oil Drip Trays (Drop Stop) – The ultimate waste tray

The DROP STOP drip trays overcome problems associated with leakage of liquids onto the work place floor. The light, flexible, reinforced DROP STOP drip tray is made from extremely tough high density polyethylene and its substantial surface area provides for the retention of large quantities of waste spillage.

The DROP STOP drip trays are a one piece moulding which covers 2sq.m. and is strong enough to withstand being driven over by heavy vehicles. Extensive research and development has produced a tray which is both light and easy to move for maintenance and cleaning, yet durable enough to give many year of faithful service

Over ten years as the sole approved supplier to the British Fire Brigade.

The DROP STOP drip trays feature an almost indestructable one piece moulding, Longitudinal ribbing for rigidity and strength, High capacity (2 sq. meter surface area. 2.43m (8ft) x 0.91m (3ft)) and available in Panther Black.

The DROP STOP drip trays satisfy British and EU safety requirements, is a Fire service approved as well as Rolls Royce approved and Accredited and has hundreds of commercial and domestic uses.

Christopher Jackson Ltd are the Sole Manufacturer of the DROP STOP Drip Tray, an all British product, Designed and Manufactured in Britain.

DROP STOP drip trays are priced from £71.94 inc Vat. Please call on 01625 590282 for Postage costs.
(Price £59.95 ex vat)

To order you DROP STOP please call Christopher Jackson Ltd on 01625 590282.

Drop Stop

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Section 4 of the legislation requires that
“Pedestrian or vehicular traffic routes in the workplace are kept free of obstructions…
and are not slippery…”

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